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Centre 33

Every year thousands of young people in Cambridgeshire face something they can not cope with alone.

           1 in every 5 people experience a Mental Health Illness

           There are around 1 million homeless people in the UK today, with at least 25% being young people

           1 in every 90 young people is a young carer

Centre 33  is a registered charity and exists to ensure all young people have the support they need when they need it by providing safe and welcoming place where they can access free advice, information, counselling and respite groups.

Robert’s Story

Robert, aged 14 attempted to kill himself by an overdose of various pills. Conscious of the challenges for Robert, his school contacted Centre 33’s Outreach Worker from Young Ely who met with Robert to discuss the issues he faced and support available.

At this time had been off sick from School a lot and they were still very concerned that he might attempt to kill himself again. They were aware he was also increasingly self-harming. Robert was prioritised for an Initial assessment and his counselling started the week after.

Whilst Robert found it difficult to discuss his feelings at the start of the sessions, after a course of 6 sessions he said he had found counselling very useful enabling him to talk more about his more difficult thoughts and feelings. Robert continues to access the Young Ely Drop-in for a safe place to access information and share the challenges he is facing.



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