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Celia Filla



Hi my name is Celia, but you probably know that by now. When I was in 1st grade, I was told that I had a learning disability. I believe that was the moment my little mind decided to check out on schooling and start a career in acting. It was this acting of being in control that got me through.


This mask that I wore not only got me through school but a good part of my life. It wasn't till many years later, when I was in my thirties, that I taught myself how to read, took off the mask, and started believing in myself.


Today I'm a National Speaker and a Spiritual Healer. I have a way to reach people, no matter if they are religious or not. My aim is not to change people's religious beliefs but to help them break through limited thought patterns and become unstoppable.


From 2006-2014, I had an outreach ministry in Ft. Pierce, Florida, I inspired thousands of homeless people to dig deep and reunite with their Greatness and helped them get off the streets. I also worked with hundreds of elders, helping them prepare for their transition.


In the spring of 2014, I dove in completely by leaving my family, friends, and my ministry behind in Florida with only a few hundred dollars to my name. I landed on my feet and my faith went deeper. I continue today to following my dreams of being a traveling healer, speaker, and a workshop facilitator. Sharing my amazing stories, while being a free spirit and being of service.


My deepest desire is that every hurting heart knows that it is possible to take the cards they been dealt with and create their own winning hand.



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