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Celebrating Life Foundation

Our mission is to help single mothers out of the tight spots with no strings attached. Sometimes, mothers just need someone to talk to or information about resources for her family. The Gifts for Moms Project was born about a year ago. What began as a small Christmas gift drive for single mothers, took on a life of its own virtually overnight. Stephanie Ward, a single adoptive mother of two small children, had grown to dread Christmas because of the isolation and sadness she felt. Year after year, she would spend most of her money on her children. On Christmas Day she would watch as they opened their gifts, wishing there was something for her. As Christmas 2008 approached, Stephanie decided that she was not going to endure yet another miserable Christmas. Instead, she told her children they could choose one gift each, and that they were going to spend the rest of the money buying gifts for single mothers. She invited a few friends to help her purchase gifts, hoping to deliver 25 gifts to mothers at her children's day care. However, when a local television station picked up the story, the drive escalated beyond expectation. People from all over North Texas began donating gifts, wrapping gifts and volunteering to deliver them. In 2008, Gifts For Moms distributed over 250 gifts to single mothers who otherwise would have had nothing to open on Christmas Day. This year, 2009, we expect to double that number!

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