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Hi, My name is Cassandra Gaddis. You can call me Caz! I consider myself a personal development explorer and created my first vision board in the early 2000s. My 2018 vision board process helped me achieve all I desired! Literally. It was kinda weird in a cool way.


I’m a Certified Professional Coach specializing in Core Energy™ coaching. Essentially, we each meet every life situation with a certain type of energy and view the world with our own unique lens. Core Energy coaching helps us understand how we show up and activates two powers- that of awareness to how we are showing up and whether that is serving us, or not. And, it also creates the power of choice.


When I’m not coaching or speaking, I am creating. I love to hang out with authentic humans while drinking a nice glass of wine (or three!). I live in North Dallas with my cinematographer husband, Les, of Gaddis Visuals. My ultimate purpose was birthed February 2018 and includes soaking up sweet baby girl cuddles from Skylyn and empowering her to create the life of her choosing.

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