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Carthage College

We spend about four years of our lives at Carthage as students, but the rest of our lifetime as alumni.

Carthage alumni are part of a network of 19,000 amazing graduates changing the world. From a CFO of a prestigious hospital system to an English teacher educating children in China to a graduate student working with NASA, our alumni do incredible things. Carthage alumni volunteer. We learn continuously. We serve our neighbors and communities. We unite during difficult times. We are compassionate. We grow. Our Carthage community extends beyond the lines of Kenosha, Wisconsin and Carthage, Illinois across the world. We make a difference.

Parents and friends -- you are a part of the community too and we welcome you as Carthaginians!

We hope you stay connected to our Carthage family. Attend events. Volunteer. Give back your time and treasures. You are a Carthaginian for life and we are so glad you are! 

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