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Carson Tang @ Powermastery | A Hike Through Life | Friday Softball League

Powermastery creates experiences that engage and move the dial forward your empowerment, holistic health, and higher consciousness through experiential events such as hikes and outings, retreats, workshops, etc. In joining any of our events, activities or outings you are accepting responsibility for your own capabilities, limitations and are joining in the capacity as a friend of the community and understand you Powermastery has no responsibility for your safety nor comfort on any event you join as a friend at your own choosing.

All are welcome. Some events are without charge. Powermastery has brought together top talent, workshop and thought leaders, and a winning formula to the world of personal growth, holistic health and spirit, and personal evolution for the past 15 years.

Powermastery is a mastermind network community. We have a FB Page to connect with one another, while also having a FB Group to share photos from our events and outings.

Carson Tang, provides the leadership and vision to keep the community on track while developing the programming and content for growth and experiential evolution.

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