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Carolyn Bachino, MPH & Mathew J. Silverman, DO

Mathew J. Silverman, DO is a functional medicine physician practicing in Saddle Brook, NJ.  He is a board certified internist for 17 years who originally practiced with his father in a traditional primary care setting.  His interest in wellness started with incorporating a weight loss program through a franchise called “Center for Medical Weight Loss” a couple of years after joining his father’s practice.  After learning about functional medicine approximately 4 years ago, Dr. Silverman began taking modules through the Institute for Functional Medicine and is now on the certification track.  

Passionate about transforming the health of his patients, Dr. Silverman decided to start a new practice called Peaceful Practice located in Saddle Brook.  The office is next to his regular practice on different days and times.  In this setting, he can devote the time and resources necessary to permanently improve health.  

He lives with his wonderful wife; Jennifer and kids; Faith and David


Carolyn Bachino , MPH, CIC, INHC is an entrepreneur CEO of her own healthcare consulting firm Health Coach Link LLC whereby she consults with doctors on implementing strategies to increase their revenue through epigenetic testing,  personalized medicine and health coaching, supplying telephonic health coach services,  virtual assistance, promotional and research assistance to healthcare providers.

She is an AADP Board Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach specializing in women’s health. She is also a Certified Intrinsic (Life) Coach. She holds a Masters in Public Health from the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston. She spent 12 years working in healthcare quality improvement for major health plans and hospital systems in the New York City area before launching her company Health Coach Link LLC in Elizabeth, New Jersey in 2018. She is also a former CDC research fellow and published author in three major medical journals. She is a recipient of the CDC Partners in Public Health Award. Carolyn is currently collaborating with Dr's Matthew Silverman in Saddle Brook NJ and Dr Laura Keiles in Hillsborough NJ and serves as the health coach for both practices. She coaches busy moms who are dealing with difficult challenges in their personal lives and suffer from low energy, fatigue, or other hormonally-related issues who want to slow the aging process of their cells and regain their vitality while also improving the health of their children, particularly those with behavioral and/or autoimmune concerns. She runs a health coach group practice Food Label Maven© that offers a personalize program called Kosher Detox©. She specifically caters her services to Orthodox Jews, but will work with all types of clients, including men whom she helps to address and reverse metabolic syndrome.

Carolyn's main ambition is to increase access to health coaching and sustainable ways of living throughout the United States and internationally. She currently seeks the following connections: 1. health coaching clients 2. doctors 3. other health coaches who are looking to work with doctors. Learn more at

She can be reached at 908-344-7979.

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