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Carol Townsend


was set up to help individuals demystify the complexities of love and bring them to an understanding of self; thus enabling them to find their true identity and experience the joy of self discovery by CHARITY:

Creating Harmony And Real InTimacy inYou .

Love is internal and invisible, but it is the most important aspect of self which can then translate itself into any environment. However if we build our relationship on the wrong love, it is like building a house on sand. We will never be safe. As soon as the rain falls, or the wind blows not only will the house crumble, but any love ones inside the house will also be harmed.

Therefore Makingsoflove will focus on building and raising you in love, so that we can be the best that we can be. Then we can teach others how we want to be treated.



will bring people together, with the aim of having a common shared focus, irrespective of their gender, race or relationship status; who understands that their true power comes when they can take control of the areas that really matter to them. This will help smooth the process so that we can have better control of our emotions and feelings, thus remaining the same in varying circumstances. Then we will be able to say, “I know who I am”.



Creating Harmony And Real InTimacy inYou

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