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Cannabis Connoisseur's Coalition

We are a coalition of Cannabis Connoisseurs's who test and certify the Worlds finest Cannabis with the coveted Connoisseur Seal of authenticity.
Cannabis Connoisseur Coalition was founded by several Master Growers, Soil Mycologist, Botanist, Scientist, Doctors, Master Connoisseurs, and under ground Cannabis legends that test at rate Cannabis and throw the best Canna Events in Colorado. We have developed a 12 member board to honestly test and rate the best Cannabis the World has to offer. We have developed a rating system that each member of the board will score each strain, 100 being a perfect score. Each member will examine and consume the Cannabis entered and have a week to rate every category. (We also hold monthly competitions thought Colorado and let 7 non partial Judges taste and rate our top entries. We also do the first true "People's Choice" that is an open to the public judging event that occurs monthly as well.) The Cannabis will also be scientifically tested for THC and CBN levels and checked for for molds, disease, and pesticides. Only strains that are in the 95% range and 100% healthy will qualify for the coveted Connoisseur Stamp. Only after a grower can produce 3 consecutive crops that stay in the 95% range will they earn the Official Connoisseur Seal. This Seal will earn you the right to sell your Official Connoisseur Stain at select elite locations.
 The Cannabis Connoisseur's Coalition strive's to be the premier provider of targeted specialized Cannabis products and related services in North America and selected other international markets. We strive to unlock the potential of nature to improve the quality of Cannabis while creating and preserving the Worlds most premium products. We build value for our partners and investors through the strength of our customers' satisfaction and by consistently producing superior operating results and product.

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