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Cancer Journeys Foundation

The Cancer Journeys Foundation Mission

Our mission is to provide support to America's 15+ million cancer survivors as they move through their cancer journeys.  Our programs include the digital information on our website and "on the ground" physical fitness events to support cancer survivor quality of life and help prevent cancer's recurrence.

Our Prostate Cancer Awareness Program

  • One in every six men will be stricken with prostate cancer, but simple PSA blood tests* allow for the early detection of prostate cancer.
  • Prostate cancer is one of the most treatable cancers when detected early. Every year almost 29,000 men die from prostate cancer. 
  • We believe every man should have these tests (and personally track their annual test results) as part of an annual physical exam that includes a DRE and consultations with their doctor. [*PSA and Free PSA].
  • Our free prostate cancer detection tool - - clearly shows any rise in PSA test results and sends an email reminder when the next annual PSA test is due.


Cancer Survivor Walks

Research shows that exercise is an important factor in preventing and surviving cancer. But, sometimes it's just a challenge to get moving. We created our #CancerSuvivorWalks program to provide support and a community for cancer survivors to get moving.

I hope I'll see you at one of our events.


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