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California Step Association

The California Step Association (CSA) is a 501(c)3 youth services non-

profit founded in Los Angeles, CA in 2011. CSA strives to preserve the

legacy of the African/African-American dance art form of step as a

means to promote health and fitness in the community and bridge the

gap between secondary and post secondary education. CSA works with

individuals of all ages to support their development into academically,

physically, emotionally and socially adept members of colleges,

community organizations and society-at-large. Through this effort, we

create a viable network of those interested and involved in step to

increase awareness, participation and appreciation for this culturally

significant art form. 

Our Mission

To celebrate, safeguard and expand the tradition and culture of step in California


Our Vision

To be the centralized body and premiere authority on the art of stepping in California


CSA Services

Are you interested in CSA sanctioning your existing step show event or helping you to develop a new one?  Are you looking for quality steppers, teams, or judges? Whatever it is, let us know! We’re here to help!

 CSA provides the following services:


· Step Show Hosting & Production (all levels)

· Step Show Sanctioning (existing shows)

· Certification Workshops: Judges & Step Coach

· Step Clinics

· Team Rankings (all levels)

· Team Creation Support

· Stepper, Step Team, Coach & Judge Recruitment /Placement

· Scholarship Opportunities

· College Support Services:

1. Academic Counseling

2.Transcript Review

3. Application Completion Assistance

4. Financial Aid Workshops


CSA Youth League 

CSA recognizes the need for youth (grades K-12) to participate in activities that encourage and support their success as students and members of society. Through our youth step league, we provide children with opportunities to acquire the knowledge, skills and character traits necessary for their future success. CSA encourages the effort of existing youth teams while promoting the creation of new ones in local schools and communities to broaden the spectrum of those who can benefit from participating.


In support of our youth members and teams, CSA: 

· Hosts exhibition and competitive shows for students to showcase their skills

· Provides step clinics  for youth steppers

· Works with schools and community groups interested in starting a team, finding a coach and/or training existing staff

· Offers college counseling & preparation workshops (grades 8-12)



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