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CAL Diving Club

CAL Diving Club (yes, U.C. Berkeley), is an athletic club devoted to springboard diving, platform diving (5m, 7.5m, and 10m), and tower diving as in "swimming and diving" (not scuba).

We offer classes, lessons, and teams at every level.  From first-time/beginners to elite competitive teams and Masters Diving groups.  We utilize several pools and facilities in the area.  Please check our website ( for particular days, times, and facilities or contact us for details.

2013 is the inaugural year for the CAL Diving Club. However, our coaching staff has thousands of hours as competitive divers and diving coaches at every level - from Elite and Junior Olympic levels to youth and adult/Master first-timers. We are very proud and excited at the talent, experience, and teaching techniques offered by all of our coaches and staff.


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