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Ca' Momi Osteria, Napa

In Italy, community comes together around the table. Meals are soulful, seasonal, spirited, sincere—and Ca’ Momi brings this tradition to Napa Valley with all the fiery passion you’d expect from three Italians. We call what we do heartcrafted, because that’s how we work: with passion, integrity, and authenticity. We honor the values of an earlier time with everything we do, from our local and organic ingredient sourcing, VPN/APN-certified Neapolitan pizzas, housemade traditional foods, to our zero-pretension wines, organic house-brewed beers, and all-natural craft spirits. We dream big and work to build a heart-centered community where everyone has a sense of purpose, belonging, and possibility. We don’t compromise traditions, values, or ourselves. We are obsessively authentic.

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