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Business Women of Silicon Valley | a sisterhood of business friends

business women supporting business women
we explore the relationship side of business

how to create connection and avoid disconnection

Skill  mastery of networking | sales | business relationships | managing your life well

monthly networking experiences & membership

There are too many business women struggling with aloneness and loneliness.

We work from home.
We are solo business owners.
We’re in management and leadership.
We work in a male dominated profession, industry or company.
We’ve had bad experiences interacting with other business women and female bosses.

One of the biggest shortcomings for business women is not having a big enough network.
We revere self-reliance and independence so we won’t ask.
We’re skeptical and slow to warm up to one another.  
We’re territorial and hold back on sharing our contacts and resources.  
We criticize & compare ourselves and end up disconnected by being better than or less than.
We hide behind “being busy” because it’s easier & more comfortable than showing up to network.


Add to it…
We don’t understand the need for and context of networking. Yikes! It’s so complex.


We can change this however! We at Business Women of Silicon Valley ARE changing this!

We network in a way that brings out the best in women, we create connection!

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