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Burriss Consulting, Inc.

Our LinkedIn® Seminars and Webinars (listed below) are focused on guiding individuals and companies on the best practices of using social media to grow their pipeline, business and even careers.


We believe too many people are using LinkedIn without knowing how to get real value from their time spent using this business tool.


All of our webinars are designed to be of maximum value to the attendee. We will not waste your time with promotional or sales content.


Teddy Burriss has been delivering Social Media Trainer, Coach and Public Speaking on the topics of social media for 10+ years. He experiments with tools like LinkedIn every day.


Teddy, a proven authority of the principles and practices of social media for business, is an accomplished author, public speaker, avid social media engager and blogger.  


Teddy's events are packed full of knowledge, learning, tips, tricks and oh yeah, fun.

Learn more about Teddy Burriss here:

LinkedIn or (336) 283-6121

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