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Buddy Lee Jump Ropes

Buddy Lee Jump Ropes is the world leader in Jump Rope technology and Jump Rope training for athletic performance!  

The Master Class Jump Rope Course is a CrossFit(r) Preferred Course with 7 CEUs for Certified CrossFit Trainers.  

The Buddy Lee Master Class teaches the proven Buddy Lee 3-step system of jump rope training. You will learn the biomechancs and training science of jump rope, fundamentals of how to train and teach jump rope, and the CrossFit 15 skill set of SAFE progressions that will get you to the double under, triple under, and beyond as far as you want to go!

Course Agenda:

8:30-9am Check In and Receive Your Rope

9am-9:30am, Opening Lecture, Assessment and Warmup

9:30am-10:30am, Base Phase Part 1

10:30am-11:30am, Base Phase Part 2

11:45-12:45, Lunch

12:45-3:30, Conditioning Phase and Introduction to the CrossFit 15!

3:30-4:30, Baseline Test and Skillwork

4:30-5pm, Q&A, Wrap Up

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