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Bubby's Main Street

Bubby's Main Street is thrilled to announce a

Fall program of special dinners celebrating

efforts to renovate American agriculture

and the American menu.  Each event will feature

a conversation with people who are deeply involved

in a significant aspect of this project,

followed by a meal that illustrates,

materially and pleasurably, the themes

under discussion.

 From our perspective at Bubby’s, we observe and

participate in three parallel movements that are

gaining momentum in the New York region and around

the country:

1)  New farmers are supplying greenmarkets and alternative food networks with produce and animals raised without relying on an arsenal of chemicals or industrial methods (vast feedlots, etc)

2)  New artisans are re-inventing food crafts, sometimes (as with coffee) improving on traditional models. 

3)  A fresh appreciation of authentic American cooking from all regions and communities, including new immigrants, is evident in the neighborhoods of many cities, as well as blogs, cable channels and websites like

These three movements are mutually reinforcing

and they seem to originate in a common yearning

for authenticity and a way of life that is

environmentally and ethically sustainable. 

All three are, at least partially, responses to

the perceived, ongoing deterioration of American

agriculture and the diet of most Americans.

We think that the content of these events

reflects the exciting state of the conversation

about what we are eating today and how that is

changing. And we think that these symposiums*

will providean unusually engaging experience

with people who are making changes to the American

table by pairing them with the foods they bring

to it.

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