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Brooks Adventures
Matt and Angela have been biking together since 2000! Singletrack trails are the most fun to ride on the saddle of a bicycle!
They are active in their local trail club and high school mountain bike team. Angela runs an annual women’s mountain bike clinic in southern WI. Both Matt and Angela are certified mountain bike coaches. All 3 of their daughters race mountain bikes on the HS team.
In 2018 they decided it was time to jump into the biking industry and purchased a fleet of solid fatbikes to rent out for any adventurer that wanted to try out the sport of riding a bike in the snow.
Brooks Adventures is offering fat bike rentals all year round, snowshoe rentals, and personalized mountain bike lessons & instruction. Our favorite trails are only 1.5 miles from our location! Grab a bike and go!
We encourage families to ride together. We are excited to offer kid bike adventures for new riders. We look forward to women coming and trying out a new sport. For the men that already ride that want to try out snow; this is for you too!
Check out what we have to offer. We can help you build confidence on any bike and teach you what you need to know about mountain biking and riding in the woods.
You don’t need to wait for the snow to get out and ride!
Matt and Angela are certified bike instructors through the BICP.
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