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Brittany Pope


You ever get that nudge like you should be doing something DIFFERENT? You know like something in your spirit telling you that there's more to life then what the "WORLD" has to offer. I believe with everything in me that; that’s the holy spirit wanting to pull more out you. Jesus Christ needs you! Me? You ask yourself. Yes! You. 

Thats the feeling that I’ve felt almost all my life but never knew what it was. It wasn't until recently that I begin to further my walk w/Christ realizing how much Jesus Christ loves me! We may be too blind to see because of the distractions. God begin to speak in my spirit about self-worth. Letting all things go that seemed to make me happy but in return only to find myself deeper in a pit. We live in a society where individuals are lost trying to find love in all the wrong places. Basing their identities off Facebook likes, Instagram likes, you know social media in general. 

I'd be the first to say that this road hasn't been easy. God has, and continues to gracefully break me, use me, and love me in a way that no man or people could do. Allowing God to wash me with his words gives me a solid foundation of who and what I'm called to be. My prayer is that everyone would step out the norm and follow Jesus. It’s so easy living in this world but if you’re in for a challenge Yield! Take up his cross to become one of his disciples.

I Pray that God would bless you with a life changing encounter! You may come out with a limp, but you'll never be the same! God Bless all. 

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