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Brittany Holmes & BrieAnn Bell

This year has been especially diffiult year for me. Struggling through depression, divorce, and domestic absue, I felt alone and embarrassed. Like many women we conceal these things, fearing for our marraige, breakdown of our families, judgment, and shame, we don't confide in those we trust. We so often suffer in silence, causing great detriment to our spirits, relationships, mental and physical health. With God, and the love of my family, friends, counselors, co-workers, strangers, I have put a voice to my experiences. By leaning on those who love me, allowing myself to be loved, and using people around me to help me heal has been one of my biggest blessings. Learning that suffering alone or doing it all by myself does not make me stronger. I can be strong while leaning on those who have shared the same experiences and those who want whats best for me. I thank God everyday for my Family, my MOTHER, friends, and everyone who genuinely was invested in seeing me heal and showing me the beauty in ugly these experiences. 

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