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Bright Young Minds Coaltion

To provide STEM, STEMIE, Invention, Entrepreneurship, Financial Education and Technology education programming through curricula and resource support to Title 1 schools, low performing schools, and underserved communities within the greater Florida area.  These programs are necessary to develop life skills, career skills, and workforce readiness, helping students learn to apply the skills they've learned in school through real-life applications and preparing them for "what's next" as they transition from students to prospective employees. The Bright Young Mind's primary and paramount program is Invention Convention, a program in which students are instructed on how to identify a problem that matters to them, create an invention to solve it, and then pitch it in a science-fair-esque event called an "Invention Convention."


Kids are natural inventors. Whether in school, playing with friends, or just daydreaming, students are constantly inventing creative solutions. Students right here are already inventing by themselves & are replete with the STEM skills and creativity necessary to make it happen. But they do not have a venue in which they can exhibit their inventions. Current STEM programs only allow students to solve a problem given to them with tools likewise given to them. And entrepreneurship programs help students learn to create businesses, but without helping students identify and create solutions problems that matter to them first; learning entrepreneurship is far less meaningful when students are selling "widgets" they aren't personally passionate about. We seek to create the local venue and opportunity for students to apply their skills and creativity to solve problems that matter to them. Invention Convention is the only program in the nation that focuses on applying STEM skills and linking to existing entrepreneurship programs without barriers to access.  


The only students who can go to invention summer camps are those that can afford to; and most parents can't afford hundreds of dollars to spend on robotics kits. Invention Convention costs $15 per student and is funded by generous and forward-thinking sponsors, like GTE Financial Credit Union.  And because of the low barrier to entry for the program, the diversity statistics for Invention Convention are wildly positive; at the National Invention Convention and Entrepreneurship Expo, to which all Floridian inventors will be eligible to apply through our Invention Convention, 57% of inventors were female, 37% were underserved, and 33% were minority. The purpose of this project is to inspire young Floridians of all backgrounds to invent.


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