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Bridge of Faith

If you could save a life, would you?

Bridge of Faith H.O.M.E. (Home Opportunity Meets Emancipation) is a 501(c)(3) based in Whittier, CA. We have been called "the first of its kind" and "model for the nation" by the New York Times

Our goal is to rescue, restore and assist foster girls as they develop into women of Value, Importance and Purpose. We need you and whatever you can do.

Of the 4,000 foster youth in California who age out of the system each year, research suggests, 50 percent or more become homeless. eUpon emancipation, emotions surface and wreak havoc when their adult responsibilities meet them head-on and demand attention. The V.I.P. Family Program develops Value, Importance, and Purpose in their lives.

This place we call H.O.M.E. provides a safe and nurturing environment.  Each girl has her own room along with all the benefits and responsibility of her own living quarters. 



Bridge of Faith (BOF) strives to change the generational cycle and status-quo that exists for girls who were victims of inadequate parenting and the results of the foster care experience. We provide a safe HOME, life-skills emotional support, and to girls/women who have aged out of foster care and facing homelessness. BOF is making a positive impact by helping women to become women of purpose within their communities.



Our vision is to provide a safe environment that nurtures young women to become emotionally stable, educated and self-upporting women of purpose with their own voice.

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