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Brianna Mercado is a professional dance artist, teacher, and inspirational speaker based in New York City. Her fellow dancers, friends, family, and acquaintances call Brianna a warm and glowing soul, who has lived with more passion and purpose in the past 24 years than most people do in a lifetime. 

Her journey is a study in contrasts, a life of serious news and playful innocence, knock-downs and get-back-ups, the deepest challenges and the greatest rewards. From surviving life-threatening bone cancer through an exhaustive battle that took her fifteenth year of life forever away, to receiving a full-ride scholarship to UC Berkeley, from pulling up California roots for the move to the Big Apple, to tirelessly working to give very ill children reasons to live and fight on—as a counselor at a camp for children with cancer, a volunteer with organizations designed to give terminally ill youth reasons to love their life if only for this moment, and as an organizer of numerous fundraisers for cancer study, treatment, and prevention—Brianna lives by her own credo as she lifts the spirit of the world:

Go big, regardless.

Brianna continues to spread her love and passion for life through performing, mentoring, teaching, and public speaking. She embodies her belief that inside every impossible situation there is an opportunity to be great, and no real reason to wait. If there is more to learn, someone to love, something to give, and things to do, then do them, now.

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