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Brandie Lea


Thanks for looking into the class, hopefully there is something offered that you are interested in!  My goal is to help bring towns and villages some fantastic talent and opportunities.  If there is something you would be interested in learning or participating in, let me know and I'll see what I can do to hook you up!

My background... well, I am a farm girl from just outside of Stirling.  Loved it.  But, I can apprciate that the commute to and from the city can be a bit of a pain; especially in the winter.  

Travelling the world is fantastic, fitness is exhillerating, and education is a must.  The University of Lethbridge is where I obtained my BSc in Kinesiology.  It was so awesome that Dr. Shan asked me to do my MSc under his direction, so I have an MSc in Kinesiology from the UofL as well.  And numerous publications to go along with it (including a book!).

Currently I work at the University of Lethbridge as a Faculty Development Officer. Love it too!  But, it is a huge world out there with lots of opportunities.  Those opportunities are waiting for me to grab them.  They are waiting for you too!  So what are you waiting for - start something new today!

I look forward to meeting you.  
Please say hi if our paths cross!

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