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Brandi Leigh


Brandi is a Practitioner of SomaVeda Integrated Traditional Therapies: Thai Massage/Thai Yoga Therapy 400 hours Thai Yoga Practitioner SomaVeda Basic: Levels 1-5 , Survey of Natural Curriculum &, Seminary of Ayurvedic/Nature Cure. Certified ShinPinDen Reiki Master of Tenshintai Reiki Ryoho.

SomaVeda™ Integrative Therapy combines several systems in order to effectively help a diverse range of ailments, with more tools in our toolbox we're more readily available to provide people with quality therapeutic care.

SomaVeda™'s core systems range from Traditional Thai Yoga Therapy & Thai Medicine, BET-Bio Tapping (emotional freedom technique), Ayurveda, TCM - Traditional Chinese Medicine, Native American & Indigenous Medicine, Naturapathy.

Purpose of Thai Yoga, Thai Massage is used to facilitate & promote a harmonious state of being. The ancient Thai people recorded various states of disease & imbalances within the body, the mind, & the emotions. Over a period of time, they carefully devised creative & practical methods of influencing the course of balances in every part of a persons life. This was important, as imbalances prevented people from fully experiencing life in a productive way.


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