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Bradley Chapman - The Diamond Experience

Bradley Chapman is the founder and creator of The Diamond Experience Business Development Programs and Inspired Events. He is a published author, radio show host and broadcaster, motivational and inspirational public speaker, business coach and business networking specialist. Bradley has interviewed, worked with and supplied High Profile Entrepreneurs, business owners and companies across the globe.

In 1988 at the age of eighteen years of age he started my first business. It is through this amazing journey of learning and continually developing himself that his Diamond knowledge of life and business has been crafted.

His new book Get Up Show up Shine up and The Diamond Experience with Bradley Chapman is just the start of his journey in helping, coaching and supporting people to discover the Diamond within them. Bradley’s mission is help as many people that he can to discover the diamond within themselves and then the most fabulous and exhilarating work starts as you start to shape and polish you stone into the Brightest Shinning Diamond that You can be.

Bradley’s inspiration and passion to help business owners increase their own personal skill knowledge and attitudes as we as inspiring his client’s teams and businesses is a totally inspirational story of never giving up!

Join Bradley and his guests at the launch of The Diamond Experience Business Networking Group in Chelmsford on the Wednesday 2nd August 2017 at 6.30pm. The Diamond Experience Business Network has been created for CEO’s, MD’s Startup and Experienced Entrepreneurs and Business Owners. Our inspired and unique group meets every other Wednesday of the month in Chelmsford for an evening of personal and business development topics as well business networking, public speaking, speed networking and of course our 3 Diamond Business Speakers. This is a business networking event like no other. The Diamond Experience will help you, your team and your business grow and develop like never before.

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