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BPP, Delon's Creations, Foundation Fatherhood, MHOC and Friends...

Delon's Creations & Friends

presents 2016 

Tis the Reason for the Season Christmas Gala - Share the Love


BPP, Delon's Creations, MHOC, & Friends, (Sidney Moncrief Book Signing, Foundation Fatherhood Seminar Kick Off) Presents 2016 TIS THE REASON for the SEASON CHRISTMAS GALA ... 


A collaboration of sponsors coming together to share in the Christmas spirit, Delon's Creations and friends are happy to present a Christmas Gala of heartfelt compassion plus Fun. Don't forget to stop by or donate an item to the AR Food Bank or to the Toys for Tot's toy drive tables. We welcome you this season in the spirit of Fatherly love and giving and FUN FUN FUN!


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