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Boyd & Blair Potato Vodka/Pennsylvania Pure Distilleries

Pennsylvania Pure Distilleries is an independently run American distillery founded on the idea of creating exceptional spirits using locally grown ingredients and packaging.
We believe in quality over quantity and that’s why we make every single batch by hand, literally. There are no computers, no automated processes. We do it all, from creating our own potato mash to sealing and signing every bottle. The result is a classic vodka meant to be savored one sip at a time.

The patriarchal inspirations that embodied the values of Boyd & Blair vodka – hard work, the joy of following a dream and the feeling of being rewarded from a job well done are the men behind the name…

James Boyd Rafferty:

The glass was always full to James Boyd Rafferty. Boyd’s hard work ethic, uncompromising principles and can do attitude is an inspiration to all.

Dr. William Blair:

A pioneering ophthalmologist and homeopathic physician, he knew the value of hard work and the rewards of relaxation.

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