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Bountiful Opportunities Group, Inc is a non-profit corporation founded in 2002 with a mission to help others help themselves.

BOG has helped 1000s of individuals and families via our educational services, inclusive of seminars, workshops, classes, coaching and consulting programs, and our Live Educational and Inspirational Radio Shows.

Today, we continue our mission by launching several programs to ensure that our goals are met.  First,  the global “True Purpose Birthing & Development Center” was  founded in 2009 to support our mission to globally help individuals attain their life's TRUE PURPOSE in their DIVINE TIME; thereby, becoming TOTALLY HAPPY and FULFILLED.  We offer Spiritual (Consciousness and Awareness), Mental, and Personal Development via our Empowerment, Inspirational, Educational, and Motivational Services.

In 2010, The Movement to Global
World Peace and True Purpose and Global Transformation Tour was launched in DETROIT, MI(August).  This MOVEMENT to World Peace and True Purpose Attainment is affective and is a non-Traditional approach to the issues that plague BILLIONS around the world! Putting an end to the depression, stress, lack, unhappiness, lack of clarity and fulfillment that is plaguing adults and youth more then ever before.  We are bringing TRANSFORMATION in Mind, Body, Soul, and Spirit to BILLIONS of adults and youth around the globe!  Through this mission we know that BILLIONS of lives will be transformed to live their life's TRUE PURPOSE; thereby, inspiring to a world of PEACE!

To find out more about our organization, our on-going on-line classes as well as the TRUE PURPOSE team visit:


R U  Fit 4 the Journey to Purpose?

Visit us on-line to be enlightened of the  four periods of the intangible journey to TRUE PURPOSE, described as  the process of  "spiritual pregnancy".



Bountiful Opportunities Group, Inc. 

1000 S. Old Woodward Ave.,

Suite 105-2

Birmingham, MI  48009

Phone:  1-248-760-3340

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