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Body Fat Test of West Texas

 If you've ever wanted to get started on a plan to make real progress, or want to get back on track, getting your body fat tested in our hydrostatic tank is a great way to precisely benchmark your fitness. Until recently, this extremely accurate method of body composition testing has only been available at a few Universities and facilities at a cost of 150.00 or more. Now, it is available to you. We have established a relationship with your facility to provide this service on-site in a mobile format. We will return every 90 days or as needed to assist you in using this information to track your body composition, body fat and lean mass.  Getting dunked takes just 10 minutes, and afterward, you'll get a detailed report to keep, showing:

  • Your fat and fat-free body mass, as percentages and in actual weight
  • How much fat, if any, you need to lose to achieve your desired body composition
  • How many calories per day you burn without exercising—unique to you
  • How many calories you burn from different exercises—again, specifically for your body
  • Where you are on a scale of ideal body fat for your age and gender
  • Your history, if you've been tested before



IF YOU ARE A RETESTUSE THE PROMO CODE RETEST all caps. If you apply the re-test code for pricing, and you are not a re-test, you will be charged the difference prior to testing on the date of testing.

You need to bring a swimsuit and a towel.  Eating a large meal within 2 hours before the test may affect your results by up to 1.5%, but no more.  Working out and drinking water is okay.  You should try to use the restroom and take a shower if possible.  We have a private dressing room on board.  Also, please do not have large amounts of makeup, or hair gel on when taking the test.  If so please rinse off before the test.  The water is heated to between 90 and 95 degrees, depending on the season. The water is also chemically treated for cleanliness to meet all local swimming pool and hot tub requirements of the local health department. We also replace the water every night. A trained technician will be with you every second of the test. You will have privacy and confidentiality during the entire test.  You may have a friend in the clinic at the same time watching if you wish.  After the test, you will receive a 4-page printout, which shows you where you are, where you should be, and what it will take to get there. You will have a realistic baseline to establish your fitness goals.  For your comfort the lab is air conditioned in the summer and heated in the winter.  Scroll down to see a decription of our other services, a video of how a hydrostatic body fat test is preformed and what information it gives you.




We also offer a lab quality Cholesterol and blood glucose test giving you your total cholesterol, LDL, HDL, trigliseride and blood glucose levels. 


Ketone testing is now avaiable. Ketones are produced when the body burns fat for energy or fuel. They are also produced when you lose weight or if there is not enough insulin to help your body use sugar for energy. Without enough insulin, glucose builds up in the blood. Since the body is unable to use glucose for energy, it breaks down fat instead. When this occurs, ketones form in the blood. We take a small blood sample with a finger prick to find out if ketones are present and your body is burning fat.

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