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Bo & Gudo


Bo is a DJ/producer born in Cameroon and raised in Silver Spring, MD. In his 5 years as a DJ he has developed vast technical skills which led him to share the stage with Drake, Future, Dawn Richard, and Lil' Uzi Vert. During that span he has played at all of DC's premier nightlife venues as well as venues in Los Angeles, New York, and Atlanta. After his set at 2017's SXSW with Gudo, the two DJ's wanted to bring the live performance aspect to DC's DJing while exposing listeners to the future R&Bass sound that they listen to most and produce as well. Cloak & Dagger opened up their doors on August 2nd and they are now showcasing live edits, break loops, and live drumming (finger & live drumming can be expected) every Wednesday night. You can also find Bo around the city, via 



Gudo is one of Washington DC’s premier DJs. With regular performances at musical landmarks like The Brixton, Marvin, and Eighteenth Street Lounge, Gudo captures loyal listeners and musical newcomers alike with crates that span hip hop, funk, disco, house, and future R&Bass. He’s taken his percussive performances to major venues like 9:30 Club and The Fillmore, and showcased his talent in industry hubs like Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Detroit. When he’s not in the booth, you’ll find Gudo setting the pace as the drummer for Champion Sound, a conglomerate of musicians who create soundscapes that attract and connect DC’s dopest creatives. Inspired by a shared stage with DJ Bo at SXSW, Gudo’s latest venture is Eyes Wide Shut, a Wednesday party at Cloak & Dagger. Based on the premise that we are our truest selves when identities are masked, this party invites you to check your inhibitions at the door, grab a drink, and groove. Expect to hear a masterful blend of up-tempo beats from your favorite tracks, rare remixes, and a few originals here and there. There’s a reason this event is run by two of your favorite #NoRequestDJs – you can leave it to the professionals to create your soundtrack for a raw, no limits kind of night.


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