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Blue Turtle Health events: sponsored by Elysium Coaching

I'm an Advanced Nurse Practitioner and Certified Health Coach.  I've been working in primary care, out of hours and urgent care since 2004.  Prior to that I worked in theatres and A/E, agency and community care.  

Having been nursing for 19 years I recognise the need for community, support, family, exercise and nutritional input, outside of the NHS so left the NHS to pursue a new path. 

Primary, secondary and tertiary care can no longer provide the care many people need.  The extended family is no longer functioning for many families.  We are at a point in time where we need to take responsibility for our own health and become the extended family that is missing, people are working longer than ever, more hours, earning less. This is an opportunity to seek the help you need. These health events are for everyone and will provide information, services and support for you whereever you may be on your health journey, whatever your need. 

Children, relatives, loved ones are all welcome.  But if you wish to come alone, you'll be just as welcome. 

This event will showcase: yoga, children's yoga, nutrition/food and health, mindfulness, relaxation, physical, mental and emotional well being. 

Networking for all will be easy as everyone coming along is approachable, social and friendly. 






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