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Blue School

Dyanmically balanced education for seriously curious young people age 2 through grade 8.


Every day at Blue School, masterful teachers balance opportunities to expand student’s academic mastery, creative thinking, and self and social intelligence. Through a singular marriage of methods that combine cutting-edge innovation with tried-and-true practices, academic seriousness with the necessity of joy, creativity, and exuberant play, Blue School ensures the traditional goals of schools, and all the aspects of a complete and balanced education. Blue School graduates are flexible, adaptive, joyful, and creative thinkers, ready to engage with what comes next and succeed in high school, college and beyond.


Blue School was founded by six accomplished artists, including the three original members of the Blue Man Group. They had always been interested in the challenges and innovations in the world of education; in fact, the Blue Man Group founders have often said that if their creative impulses hadn’t found expression first in performance art, they could have emerged in the creative of a school. Blue School’s founders consulted and collaborated with the best thinkers in the fields of education, neuroscience, child development, and creativity to help bring their vision to life. While the playgroup they started in 2006 has since matured into a thriving pre-primary, primary, and middle school, the imaginative spark of the Blue Man DNA continues to animate daily work at Blue School, from structured play in the preschool years, to acts of inspired innovation in the older grades.

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