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Blue Heart International


Blue Heart International is non-profit organization founded to disrupt and dismantle the human trafficking industry. Co-founders, Blake and Missy McCall, speak at various churches, conferences, and community events raising awareness about human trafficking. Young girls and boys are targeted every day in our community and around the world.  They provide information on how to put an end to human trafficking before it starts.  That is accomplished by educating and enlightening families and communities about the dangers of predators online, social media, malls, local stores, and amusement parks.



We have a passion for the girls that are on the street and want out. We work hand in hand partnering with local nonprofits because we believe we are stronger fighting this injustice as a team. We work with them finically assisting in housing for girls that are rescued off the streets, wanting a way out and a chance at a life worth living.  Together we have 3 homes that provide a safe, secure, caring and compassionate environment.  Additional services provided are counseling, life coaching, self-empowerment; the necessary tools to achieve success and provide a better future.  We also partnering with law enforcement and local churches, we have an outstanding “street outreach” program.  There are girls living in hotels, motels and on the streets looking for a way out, but don’t have the resources or know where to turn to for help.  They are scared that their pimp might harm them or their families.  With this program, we work on gaining their trust, provide hope and options to get out of their situation they never knew existed. Please join us to stop this injustice. It’s in your hands to make a difference.

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