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Blossoming Soul Therapies

Blossoming Soul Therapies is a healing arts spa.  We offer several different forms of private healing sessions and group classes in homeopathy, hypnosis, relfexology, meditation, movement methods, energy medicine, crystal healings, sound and vibrational healings.  Sunlighten Medical Grade Sauna for optimal sweating.

Blossoming Soul Therapies Mission

 Healing takes place best when the soul is at it's greatest expansion, and when the body is at complete rest and the mind is empty of thoughts.  Energetic therapies provide the tools to achieve this expansion.

 When we have a blossoming soul, we initiate a healing body and a purified mind.  
​It is our mission to create a natural healing sanctuary that will stimulate peace, tranquility and personal transformation.  
Exclusivity in service is essential at Blossoming Soul Therapies.  We offer an atmosphere of positive vibrations, pure intentions, loving strength, years of research, vast studies and a lifetime of expereince.  
Blossoming Soul Therapies will relax you when you are stressed, bring about deep relaxation and center your thoughts when you are confused, energize you when you feel drained, calm you when you are frightened, focus your mind and help you to solve problems, relieve emotional and physical  pain, accelerate the natural healing of wounds, improve overall health, gradually clear up chronic problems, will help to prevent the development of disease, detoxify the body, dissolve energy blockages,  release emotional wounds,  increase the vibrational frequency of the body, assist in changing negative conditioning & behaviors.

We are dedicated to individual services in the healing arts to enhance your overall experience and to be direct in your specific needs.  Please search our services for one or two that suits you needs.  Or call so that we can advise what services would serve your individual needs. 
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