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Bloom Into Being, LLC/Re-stARTistry

Meet Lori Sammartino, Life Coach + Artist + Teacher = Re-stARTist. She's someone who has taken her passions, interests, and experiences and repurposed them to create a whole new line of work called "re-stARTing," i.e. the art of living a well-crafted life, one that you'll love to live! And just as Lori was able to re-stART herself, know that you can too! You're never too old and it's never too late to stART living a life that beYOUtifully reflects you. 

Join us at an Art On Purpose event and discover tips and tools for getting re-stARTed, or book a complimentary discovery call with Lori, one on one, at 

Don't leave the canvas of your life blank or haphazardly designed. Craft it with real intention, clarity, and newfound confidence by getting re-stARTed today. 



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