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Blockchain technology will fundamentally transform the world; from world economy, national and international businesses and organizations, to societies and the individual. Technologies such as Blockchain are driving the fourth industrial revolution, according to Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum.

Blockchain strongly believes in the added value, the business potential and opportunities of the Blockchain technology and its applications. We believe it is our purpose to inform, educate and train everyone who wants to understand and learn about the Blockchain technology. We are independent and rely on seasoned Blockchain experts and thought leaders from all over the world.

Becoming an early adopter and implementing the Blockchain technology into your business and key activities, or knowing every technical detail there is to know about this technology will definitely give you a competitive advantage. We organize open trainings and customized workshops and courses globally, both for business experts who want to discover the added value and business potential of Blockchain technology, as well as for technology professionals who want to use and implement this technology in existing operations or new applications.

Because this revolutionary technology can be applied everywhere, the range of professionals who will benefit from participating in our events is very broad: from c-level management and innovation strategists, to business architects and developers.

Interested in the Blockchain, or looking for an in-company training, or just having a Blockchain question?
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