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Blended Events

Company History
Founded in 2004 by a team of college nightlife personalities, Blended Events began as a nightlife movement to create an outlet for students in need of a nightlife escape outside college campuses. These young entrepreneurs realized that the nightlife movement quickly evolved into a lifestyles culture that now spans into hosting events for nearly a thousand people every single week.

With a reach that spans most of Southern California, Blended Events has certainly become a powerhouse in the nightlife entertainment scene with a team of over twenty passionate nightlife entrepreneurs who, as a team, create some of the scene’s most talked about events.
Following our success with our weekly nightlife culture under Blended Events, we have expanded our talent to now include a full service event planning and marketing entity which has now become the parent company known as The Blended Group. With over five years of experience in event planning, event marketing, creative advertising and brand awareness, Blended strives to be the best in whichever we pursue. We are now a team of young professionals bringing our best foot forward to reinvent the nightlife culture we have once originated from.

Mission Statement
“A fresh new blend of music, people, and lifestyles.”

Our philosophy at each event consists of uniting people together not on a specific ethnicity or background, but through your lifestyle - your passion in fashion, music, socializing, and trendsetting. Our ideals emphasize our focus on the Blended Lifestyle. It is a vibe and energy that unites people together. The Blended Lifestyle abides by our innovative concept of “A fresh new music, people, and lifestyles.”

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