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Blank Plate Boulder

One night in the middle of August 2014 I got home from a ten day retreat and was wondering what's next in life and an hour later during dinner my roommate Eva said, "You should put on a restaurant in our backyard." The idea scared me enough that I knew she was onto something.


Food hasn't been "just" fuel for me for a long time. Even when I was training for a mountain bike race and eating rigid proportions of macronutrients it was important to eat well and to cook well for friends. While I was living (and learning to eat and cook) in New York City I couldn't grab just any slice of pizza - it had to be a great slice. Once you figure out what's exceptional it's hard to accept mediocre.


The intention with Blank Plate Boulder is to create a space for people with at least one thing in common: a love of real food.

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