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Blanche and Irwin Lerner Center for the Study of Pharmaceutical Management Issues

Just as the state of New Jersey is recognized as the nation’s principal pharmaceutical hub, Rutgers Business School (RBS) has evolved as an academic leader in pharmaceutical management training and research. Today, RBS has taken its pioneering role to the next level through the Blanche and Irwin Lerner Center for the Study of Pharmaceutical Management Issues. The Center was established in the Fall of 2004 with a generous gift from the Lerners.

The Center strives to position itself as a leading institution of innovative ideas and activities for the growth of the biopharmaceutical industry. It will focus on encouraging research in the areas of managing biopharmaceutical research, development, and commercialization with the goal of increasing productivity as well as discerning the impact of government policies and programs on competition, pricing and reimbursement, and access to biopharmaceutical products, medical devices and diagnostic products.

The Lerner Center galvanizes RBS’s partnership with the pharmaceutical industry and deepens its support by upholding these businesses as vital contributors to the state’s economy. At the same time, the center complements RBS’s  pharmaceutical MBA program and enriches the educational experience of its students. The ultimate goal of the center is to position itself as a bastion of excellence in research and training in pharmaceutical management studies.

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