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Black Star Community PTA

Organizing and empowering parents around the issues that matter!

The mission of the Black Star Community PTA is to provide an organized platform for parents, particularly African American parents, to advocate for as well as to educate our children. The Black Star Community PTA is designed to support parents as active co-managers of our children's destiny, schools cannot educate children without the support of parens, families, and communities. The Black Star Community PTA will assist in providing resources to empower parents to be the engineers of their child's success. We will work in our homes, with our families, with our communities, with our schools, with our clergy and with our elected officials to guarantee the safety and successful education of minority children.

President - Cynthia Flowers                             

Vice President - Asiaha Butler   

2nd Vice President - Michael Burries                

Secretary - Vanessa Bush Ford                  

Treasurer - James Parker

Educational Village Keepers Community PTSA

Keeping our "educational eyes" on the sparrow = Our Children

The purpose of EdVK Community PTSA is to ADVOCATE FOR CHILDREN by empowering parents, teachers, and students with the knowledge, organizational skills, and support needed to help them collaboratively participate more fully in THE DEVELOPMENT OF SCHOOLS THAT ARE SAFE LEARNING COMMUNITIES driven by the needs of the students and charged by "teaching and learning".

The EdVK COMMUNITY PTSA advocates for...

1)     Quality PUBLIC SCHOOL EDUCATION  from Pre-K to Ph.D.;

2)     Greater teacher empowerment/stronger teacher unions;

3)     Greater parent and community involvement in schools;

4)     Citywide Student Councils;

5)     An elected Chicago School Board & greater transparency;

6)     Testing for the purpose of supporting public schools;

7)     State budgets NOT balanced on the backs of our children;

8)     Greater central office and administrative accountability;

9)     Elimination of School-to-Prison Pipeline: Mass Incarceration of Minorities & the Poor; &

10)    Taxes used to fund GOVERNMENT RUN PUBLIC SCHOOLS and other public services- NOT used to pay for "FOR-PROFIT" Privatization groups for low quality, poor service.

President: Dr. Carmen L.C. Palmer  

Vice President: Student Affairs -                             

Ms. Tami Mc Dougal                                            

Secretary: Dr. Lois Gueno                       

Treasurer: Ms. Mary Sherrod             

Parliamentarian: Atty. Casandra Watson


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