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Black and Gold Promotions LLC

 Black and Gold Promotions(BGP) provides promotion and marketing needs for success and growth of new and established businesses, while providing all types of entertainment. We are also committed serving to the community. BGP engages the community by hosting events that support education and the welfare of the public.


  Black and Gold Promotions of Savannah, LLC was found June 30, 2012 by David Minor Jr. It was formerly known as Black Ceasar Entertainment. The company completed a three hundred sixty degree turn from launching the biggest parties and nightlife events to promoting and marketing businesses. We also provide promotions and distribution services for artist, models, and businesses seeking more exposure and clientele. Black n Gold Promotions also plan and host community events. We believe in giving back to the community in every way necessary. The growth and exposure of all businesses is crucial to the growth of the community simply because companies that make money can hire new employees. Thus, increasing the circulation of money, this in turn will build jobs and communities.


  BGP is a diverse company we do not discriminate against any race, gender, or sexual preference as we promise to bring all forms of entertainment in the United States.


  We are passionate about what we do. Lets get started building your brand today!!!


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