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BL²END Business Leaders Linked to Encourage New Directions


Founded in August 2006, BL²END is an acronym for

Business Leaders Linked to Encourage New Directions.


Our Mission

To foster an environment of growth and belonging where Young Professionals of Color can connect with each other, develop professionally and contribute to the local community.


With the values of education, collaboration, community, integrity, and professionalism, BL²END demonstrates commitment to attaining the organization’s mission through their three Strategic Initiatives: Social Networking, Professional Development, and Community Outreach.


Learn more about BL²END

A 501c6 nonprofit organization, which is 100% volunteer operated and managed. Offering a variety of local opportunities and events in the Greater Grand Rapids Area, BL²END provides the city with an open and inclusive network. With the organization’s unique open participation model, there is no membership required, and all events are offered to the public at low to no cost.


In 2016, BL²END proudly reached 10 years of service to this community. With continued growth and commitment, BL²END is dedicated to making Grand Rapids a place where Young Professionals of Color can CONNECT. DEVELOP. CONTRIBUTE. 


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