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BIX Homes and Wellness

Here at BIX, improving the physical, emotional, spiritual, social, intellectual & environmental well-being are what we strive to help you with.


We hope to inspire and support you to implement lifestyles changes to improve all aspects of your health with achievable goals, realistic methods, actual resources, adaptable tools for learning and have focused individualized prevention strategies. We will help you in creating a personal wellness plan and help you every step of the way in reaching your health goals. Our care provider will meet you where you are and go from there, at your pace. By developing a patient centered care plan everything will be catered and packaged to your needs. All choices will be met on a mutual level by the patient and the care provider to attain optimum success in healthy goal achievement, as well as self-management goals.


We are geared at also coordinating care and services with other physical, social, behavioral resources as needed. Thus to ensure the best outcomes possible for your health needs and goals!


With our services we aim at providing a holistic approach.


Among many options, we are here to help you achieve better health naturally! We can teach you how to use food to reverse diabetes, high blood pressure, even cancer. Food can change the expression of your genes.

Call us for a free consultation at  570-664-2455



We also provide various other services at affordable costs:

  • IV Nutritional Therapy
  • Diabetes Management
  • Psychosocial/Transitional Well-being
  • Addiction
  • Healthy Weight Management
  • Diet
  • Cardiac Disease Management
  • Women's Health
  • Men's Health
  • Chronic Pain
  • Personalized Home Visits
  • Transitional Care
  • Medical Detox Monitoring
  • Essential Oil's Therapy
  • Herbal Therapy
  • Camps 
  • Retreats


 Additional Free services:

  • -  Diabetes class every 1st Tuesday of the month - call to schedule your spot today!
  • -  Women's Health Services - ask for details
  • -  End of Life Counseling
  • -  Grief Counseling
  • -  Healing Prayer


Allow us to be your partners in health and well-being.

Check us out and call us today!

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