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Bill Kugelberg, Laura Gironda & All the Farmhands!

The softball Gods created a reunion on the field over 5 yeas ago while they were coaching other teams. These two coaches have known each other since grade school and just attended their 40th high school reunion together. 

You will typically find Bill manning 3rd and Scotty at 1st. Watching them is the likes of Who's on First most of the time! Whomever said, men don't like to talk on the phone...they haven't met these two. On any given day, they can be found on the phone at least twice a day solving all the worlds problems, analyzing the play by play of the weekend games, discussing strategy for next weekend, talking about the Cubs or how the Dolphins now picked up the most "beloved" quarterback in Bears history! 

There are times in life when friends really become family and for all of us, that is the case.

It is with great honor and pleasure we are able to organize this event and help in some small way the family who has had an impact on so many of us! 




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