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Big Bear Valley Renaissance Society, Inc

Welcome and Well Met

The Big Bear Valley Renaissance Society, Inc. Recreates historical events through living history reenactments in order to bring history to our children as well as money for their educational needs.


Mission Statement

The Big Bear Valley Renaissance Society, Inc., is a non-profit corporation founded in October 2002 for the purpose of re-enacting historical time periods, such as the English Renaissance, for the education and entertainment of the public. We plan to do this by producing events and providing workshops. We are in the process of registering as a 501(c)3 non-profit educational corporation. The Renaissance Faire, our initial re-enactment, and all events are governed by a volunteer Board of Directors.
Our primary financial goal is to provide educational funds for the children and teachers. The funds will be used for, but not limited to, scholarships, teacher support funds and educational opportunities.
Our historical re-enactments provide meaningful and positive educational, athletic, artistic, and social benefits for the entire valley. In addition, the Renaissance Society events also provide increased business opportunities for the community. Our events will result in personal enrichment, enjoyment and a sense of community.

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