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Beyond Your Window


Beyond Your Windows' focus is to encourage you to "find happiness in the ordinary". To share my raw and ever-evolving wellness journey, while giving women the inspiration to take action in their own lives as it pertains to their happiness.


"PAW∙PUP & Play" events, hopefully, from the name, you can sort of gauge where I'm headed with this."PAW∙PUP & Playevents are meant for the everyday millennial dog owner wanting to get their awesome pup out of the house and around some furry friends of their own. "PAW∙PUP & Playevents are doggie play-dates meant to allow us to explore the Charlotte area by visiting different places that we can bring our adorable pups to and enjoy ourselves with some human company.


Starting in 2020 events will be held every month. meetup dates will be picked and posted roughly a month in advance, for everyone to RSVP.


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