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Betty Brinn Children's Museum and Learn Deep

The Betty Brinn Children’s Museum is dedicated to providing hands-on educational experiences that help children build fundamental cognitive, social, emotional and physical skills during their formative years, and to educating adults about the profound influence of early learning on a child’s academic and lifelong success. Museum exhibits and programs reflect developmental milestones recognized by the National Association for the Education of Young Children, as well as state and national academic standards, and promote school readiness by focusing on early literacy; beginning science, technology, engineering, arts, and math concepts; the development of planning and problem-solving skills; cooperation, self-esteem and self-discipline; and physical coordination. The Museum enables adults to share educational experiences with children and provides information about child development, learning styles and effective parenting. The Museum is committed to ensuring access by all children and families in the community.

Our services

  • The Museum features interactive exhibits and engaging educational programs that promote school readiness, including the development of early literacy, beginning math and science concepts, and problem-solving, physical and social skills.
  • For caregivers, the Museum provides important information on early childhood brain development, learning styles and effective parenting skills.
  • The organization is committed to ensuring access by all children and families, offering outreach programs that serve disadvantaged children and families, including low-income and those with special needs
  • As an industry leader, the Museum creates high-quality, academic-based exhibit products for peer organizations and family-friendly venues around the world.


Our Mission

The demand that students develop skills that will will enable them to survive and thrive in the 21st century (communication, collaboration, problem solving) is rising.  This, in turn, is forcing a big shift in education -- away from the mass production, content-centric model in use for the last 100 years to student-driven work on real-world projects. As this transition unfolds we fear Milwaukee and its students will be left behind. Learn Deep aims to put Milwaukee out in front.

Practices and curriculum for this new model have been around for years. Though we see growing use, teachers and schools find the transition difficult. A shift to student-driven, project-based work recasts the role of the teacher and places new demands on schedules and processes within the school. Our goal is to accelerate the rate at which the mindset and culture that enable the effective use of these practices takes root and spreads.

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