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Better Performing Teams

Keoagile works with clients who seek to develop effective team leaders.

Having worked with organizations from diverse cultures, he understands the dynamics of team development, especially the interplay between personal motivation and team motivation, organizational direction and employee engagement, as well as managerial (leadership) competence.

Keoagile uses these factors and many others to help clients understand what is needed to bring together people into a team that is fit for purpose and is better positioned to deliver on results.

Keoagile established Better Performing Teams, an organization that provides managers and team leaders team development and employee engagement interventions.

Through team development workshops, real-time team analyses, and employee engagement initiatives, Better Performing Teams helps team leaders gain insights that enable them to align employees with their organization’s strategy.

Better Performing Teams uses online assessments, self-perception inventory tools, as well as other measurement tools to provide increased self-awareness (between individual team members, and also between team members and their team).

The focus of our approach ensures that HR Managers and team leaders are better equipped to:

  1. Facilitate effective working relationships with their employees;
  2. Competently lead employees to align their discretionary effort with organizational strategy;
  3. Understand and measure how employee engagement drives performance;
  4. Set a clear course of action and
  5. Execute successfully


Keoagile is:

Founder of The Employee Engagement Champs Network on LinkedIn | Employee Engagement Champ | Team Development Specialist |

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