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Beth Ostrander


Sexual Expression coach Beth Ostrander wants you to have a GOURMET LIFE - delicious and rich - by eliminating any sense of shame or hesitation around your desires!


"We often think of sex as separate from the rest of our lives, but nothing could be further from the truth" Dr. Rachel Carlton Abrams.


We are sometimes shy to talk about our lack of desire or limited pleasure in our sex lives.  When dissatisfaction or numbness exists in the area of physical intimacy it also extends to other areas of your life as well and vice versa. Our passions are inter-related!  Beth offers a safe place to discover how ALL your passions can be unleashed so that you can FULLY enjoy your life! She listens with open ears and offers insight and coaching that is safe, eye-opening, and yields personal transformation that will alter the course of your life in a way you could never have anticipated! 


Speaking - Invite Beth to speak at your next event. Beth engages her audiences around topics of re-awakening passions, self-love improves intimacy, and accessing feminine power.


Coaching - What would change if you had more passion and energy in ALL areas of your life?  Beth works with individuals to re-awaken desire and passion that will transform your entire life through a unique focus on your sex life.  Too often speaking of sex and desire is taboo.  Beth offers a uniquely safe and open space for you to uncover what has been holding you back and in a remarkably short period of time you will have more connection, more confidence and more energy in all areas of life!


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